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What to Expect

Welcome to Bevis Chiropractic! Though our office is energetic with patients flowing in and out, it’s also an oasis of calm. With cozy couches, soft music playing and calming colors on the walls, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place to get healthy. Though we aim to see you promptly, we have an array of health-related magazines to peruse if there’s a brief wait.

Before your first visit, our office manager will send out new patient paperwork that you can complete at home and bring with you.

The First Visit

Dr. Bevis will begin with a thorough consultation and exam, including orthopedic testing. She also will ask you if you exercise or move at all, mediate, and eat properly. You’ll also be asked about what kind of stress you have in your life such as chemical or emotional. “We address the whole body,” says Dr. Bevis.

We get constant feedback that Dr. Bevis provides the most thorough new patient appointment that they’ve ever had. She also will take a full set of X-rays and perform scans with the subluxation station. A printout of the scan will show you what your nervous system is doing. The X-ray images also will give Dr. Bevis an idea of what’s happening in your body.

Please allow about an hour and 15 minutes for your new patient appointment.

The Second Visit

This is your report of findings visit. Dr. Bevis will review with you the findings of your test results and X-rays. She then will give you your first chiropractic adjustment.

Do I Have to Go for the Rest of My Life?

Do you brush your teeth every day? After all, you don’t brush them once and expect to have a healthy mouth. Likewise, wellness or maintenance chiropractic can help keep your spine healthy for a lifetime. Dr. Bevis has an excellent retention rate with many patients who have been with us since we opened in 1999.

The majority of our patients are interested in wellness care. Before they leave the office, they schedule their next appointment, or they have a standing appointment. They may come in every week, every other week, or every month depending on who it is or what’s going on with them. We work hard to keep people well. So while pain may be what brings you to our practice, regular care is going to allow you to do the activities in life you love and be healthier!

Our Approach to Education

Every time you come in to get adjusted, Dr. Bevis will talk to you about health. She also does workshops on various health-related issues. You’ll also see different phrases about health on our walls. If we get a lot of questions about a specific topic, we’ll address it via an informative sign.

If you’re ready to start feeling better and being better, contact our Gainesville practice today to schedule a convenient appointment!

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