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About Us

Since 1999, Bevis Chiropractic has been providing high-quality chiropractic care to the Gainesville and Alachua County areas. Dr. Jennifer Bevis wants to help patients maximize their health and life naturally with chiropractic. This form of natural health care is more than just moving bones. Chiropractic is about improving your nervous system function. When your brain can talk to the rest of your body without interference, you can function at your peak.

Our Practice Philosophy

We want to educate people on how much control they have over their health. They just don’t realize it. Regardless of genetic predispositions, we all have a lot of power over whether we are healthy or unhealthy. You can be well!

It’s also important to recognize that you’re not pieces or parts—your whole body functions as a unit. We try to bring all aspects of health into our office. Regardless of whether you came in with pain our mission and goal are to educate you. We want you to know that you’re more than just that back pain and other things that may be contributing to that pain. It’s bringing about whole body wellness as opposed to focusing on an ache or pain.

Our goal is to get a person past their pain (if they come in with) and help them realize that chiropractic is about keeping you well not just getting you out of a crisis. Anyone with a spine and nervous system is welcome here! In most cases, patients will see results in their effort to achieve optimal health.

Some Success Stories

Every day at our practice we witness the remarkable effects of chiropractic care on our patients. One of the many success stories we’ve seen is that of a man who used to play the drums. He couldn’t play any longer as his hand cramped up. Now, since we’ve adjusted his cervical spine and got him to do some exercises, he can hold a pen and write. He also has been able to play a little of his drums again. We’ve also had people who were unable to hike due to an injury, now able to begin hiking again.

Get Started Today

If you’d like to discover the many benefits of chiropractic care, contact our Gainesville chiropractic office today!

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