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Meet Dr. Jennifer Bevis

Dr. Bevis talking to patientFor years Dr. Bevis suffered from headaches. She always wanted to be a doctor and help people improve their health, but didn’t see how prescribing medications was helpful.

“I decided to get a degree in exercise physiology. My desire was to promote living a healthy lifestyle before you get sick.”

During the start of a Ph.D. program, she was introduced to someone that was currently in chiropractic school. Dr. Bevis became fascinated by chiropractic!

An Adjustment That Started It All

The theory and principles of chiropractic grabbed Dr. Bevis’ attention. Excited to discover chiropractic, she made an appointment to be examined by a chiropractor the next day!

“I got adjusted for the first time, and that sealed the deal for me.”

She immediately set up a tour of Life University in Georgia. Within six months she was a first-quarter chiropractic student. There, she earned a Doctor of Chiropractic. She also received a certificate in Extremities adjusting.

Helping Patients Express Optimal Health

Dr. Bevis’ focus and concern as a chiropractor is to give every person she comes into contact with the opportunity to thrive and express peak health. She helps patients achieve these goals by eliminating obstacles from their lifestyle and diets and interference from the nervous system. “Watching patients and their families change, grow and heal is extremely gratifying for me as a doctor.”

Dr. Bevis’ Greatest Success

Dr. Bevis is pleased every time she can change a patient’s life. In particular, she loves to help infants get off to the healthiest start in life. Parents brought their two-week-old into the practice to get adjusted for the first time. “There is no bigger compliment as a chiropractor than for moms and dads to bring their child to you and trust you to adjust them.”

While she happily adjusts patients of all ages, Dr. Bevis particularly enjoys adjusting babies and young children. When their nervous system can function better, they can grow more optimally. “This means the world to me.”

Enjoying Life in Gainesville

When she’ not helping her patients maintain peak health, Dr. Bevis enjoys hiking with her dog Lincoln, a Boxer. She is also an avid video game player.

If you’d like to get on the path to optimal health, contact Bevis Chiropractic today to schedule a convenient appointment!

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